My Sex Experience with Female Escorts

It happened when my wife was expecting our first child. She was always moody and never ready for sex. Having been used to having sex a couple of times every week, I couldn’t go longer without sex. So, I turned to the internet to watch porn movies. I even found myself masturbating when my wife was not around. But, something caught my attention when browsing the internet on my laptop. I realized that I could book female escorts and have sex with them. So, I decided to give it a shot. I booked these companions and we agreed to meet in a hotel room.

The Meeting

I met two companions in a hotel room downtown and I must admit that I was impressed. These babes looked gorgeous than they actually looked on the photos published on the website that I used to book. I found myself sexually stimulated by just their looks. They entered my hotel room and sat on the hotel bed.

I was somehow confused by their beauty and sexiness. They simply looked stunning. These babes wore clothes that made them extremely adorable. But, this was not all. The babes got me weak in the knees when they said it was hot in the room and started undressing. The looks of their boobs when they unbuttoned their blouses tempted me to touch. And, as much as I tried to resist this urge, I eventually gave in. Before I knew it, we were all on the bed caressing and undressing each other.

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